Mandolin Instruction-- Materials and Transcriptions by Debora Chen
 J.S. Bach Selected Two-Part Inventions Arranged and Edited for Two Mandolins
“I worked hard. Anyone equally industrious will succeed just as well.” -- J.S. Bach

"Too much counterpoint; what is worse, Protestant counterpoint."
-- Thomas Beecham

J.S. Bach Selected Two-Part Inventions-- arranged for two mandolins in tab and standard notation, with suggested fingerings-- by Debora Chen.
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Bach described his two-part inventions as a method "in which enthusiasts of the keyboard are shown a way to play cleanly in two parts..." Eight of the original fifteen inventions are presented here, arranged as mandolin duets, but a mandolinist who learns both (equally melodious) parts will no doubt find playing and hearing both parts rewarding by trading parts with a friend, recording and over-dubbing the other part, or using the pre-recorded tracks below. Inventions included are: 1, 3, 4, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15.

For mandolinists trying to break away from tab, the score is provided in notation only for reading practice and may be read by two mandolinists sharing a stand; the parts for mandolin I and mandolin II include standard notation, and tab/suggested fingerings for reference as needed, or for mandolinists who prefer reading tab. (Editing favors easiest-to-reach fingering.) Includes running bar numbers for easy rehearsal. The score and mandolin I are bound in one book (39 pages), mandolin II is included as a separate pull-out booklet (18 pages).

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